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Lomi Lomi Ireland School of Hawaiian Healing Arts offers 4 levels of training in Lomi Lomi “temple-style” massage.

Training is suitable for those with no professional massage experience who want to work within their family & friends, as well as those who wish to be professionally certified as a Lomi Lomi Practitioner.


Levels of Training Offered:

Levels 1 & 2 (Full Body) is a 4 day residential training which covers the full body basic Lomi Lomi massage. Accommodation sharing is included in the price of €450. Breakfast is included, other meals are self-catering. Clas times will be 10am-6pm daily.

Level 3 (Practitioner) is a 4 day residential retreat where you learn advanced techniques as well as qualify as a Lomi Lomi Practitioner. Techniques include side-lying massage, Hawaiian Hot Stone work, advanced joint rotations & Underbody techniques. Cost €750 incl. accommodation sharing, meals & certification fee. As this is a retreat, class times will be 730am-10pm daily.

Level 4 (Advanced) is a 4 day residential retreat focused on shamanic practice & personal transformation. Cost €750 incl. accommodation sharing, meals & certification fee. As this is a retreat, class times will be 730am – 10pm daily.

It is important to be aware that training in Lomi Lomi Massage is not only focussed on learning the techniques, but that these techniques form part of a greater whole, part of ancient healing practices. As part of the training you will also learn Hawaiian Oli (chants), history & stories of Hawai’i, and ways of learning based on intuition, working with your ancestors & sacred rituals.

Certification & CPD Points

Please note that Lomi Lomi Ireland does not guarantee you acceptance for Association membership or insurance. Each Association, Insurance Company and country has its own criteria for acceptance. However, our courses are ARCHTI approved and we are fully insured as Lomi Lomi Trainers. Louise Kleu McEvoy holds a certificate in Lomi Lomi teaching, distinction in Teaching Skills (FETAC Level 6) & Mastership training in Lomi Lomi. She has the blessings of her teachers to carry out Lomi Lomi teaching.

Upon completion of Level 3 you will receive a Certificate from Lomi Lomi Ireland School of Hawaiian Healing Arts. This certificate is recognised as postgraduate & eligible for insurance, provided you are a certified massage therapist or equivalent (Body Massage/Reflexology etc and Anatomy & Physiology is a minimum requirement).

You will also be eligible for CPD Points by ARCHTI & IMTA as follows:

Level 1 (80 CPD points – ARCHTI), Level 2 (80 CPD points – ARCHTI), Level 3 (160 CPD points – ARCHTI, 100 CPD points – IMTA)


Level 1 & 2  = €450 incl. accommodation sharing. Self-catering.
Level 3 = €750 incl. accommodation sharing & all meals or €600 for repeat students.
Level 4 = €750 incl. accommodation sharing & all meals or €600 for repeat students.

Financial Policy

  • Full payment due to hold your space in the workshop. Register & pay by clicking on course you would like to register for, proceed with Paypal payment.
  • If for any reason you need to cancel, 50% of your tuition will be fully refunded within 30 days of when your training begins.
  • There will be no refund available the day before or on the day of the scheduled course.

Upcoming Courses

Jeana Naluai FUNDAMENTALS Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi Ireland is honoured to host Native Hawaiian Kumu Jeana Naluai to teach two Lomi Lomi courses in Ireland.

We will be hosting these courses at Aloha House in Killorglin Co. Kerry. 

Accommodation can be booked directly via louise@louisekleu.


All course bookings will be done via this link:



Lomi Lomi is authentic Hawaiian healing for body, mind and spirit.

In ancient times, Lomi Lomi was family work, used to keep everyone in the home healthy and strong. Ho’omana’s style of lomi comes from the therapeutic approach of the 6 lineages of Hawaiian elders Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai had the privilege of studying with.

Ho’omana Lomi Lomi trainings are for anyone who wants to learn to access their own healing legacy that can serve your family, community and the world.

Previous bodywork is not necessary.

Ho’omana Lomi Lomi Training is an educational center, sharing the Hawaiian healing art form of Lomi Lomi massage and spiritual teachings of Aloha with those who are ready to find and embrace their own healing gifts. Our Kumu, Jeana Iwalani Naluai, is a native Hawaiian cultural practitioner. Meet her on YouTube.

Ho’omana’s Hawaiian Healing Retreat - Ireland is for those who want to explore authentic Hawaiian Healing and then dive deeper. Learn the full-body art form of Lomi Lomi massage and how to approach bodywork from an ancient Hawaiian perspective. In Advanced Lomi Lomi, students are taught the system developed by kupuna, elders, called the “Wisdom of the Bones”. Learn to see beyond physical pain and navigate the emotional or spiritual components using this powerful perspective. Hold a greater level of sacred space of healing space for others with the tools gained in this 6-day retreat.

Additional costs include housing, food and transportation.

48 CE Hours

Hawaiian Healing Retreat - IRELAND includes:

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Fundamental Training, June 1-3, 2017. 24 CE Hours. €600

(Ho’omana’s core introductory training is the foundation and pre-requisite for all courses.)

Advanced Lomi Lomi: Core & Skeletal Alignment, June 4-6, 2017. 24 CE Hours. €600

Ancient Hawaiians believed that your mana, or spiritual life force, is held within your bones.

In Hawaiian Healing Retreat - Ireland, we begin our journey by warming and opening the musculo-skeletal system using methods covered in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Fundamental Training. This approach follows in the lineage of Big Island Style Lomi, intended to instill a level of skill necessary for proper assessment, palpation, and treatment of injury. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Fundamental Training is a multi-dimensional form of structural Lomi Lomi, incorporating concepts of Hawaiian spirituality, Ho'oponopono, meditation techniques, and indigenous values addressing the whole person.

Then, in Advanced Lomi Lomi: Core & Skeletal Alignment, we focus on advanced techniques that create space in the joints of the spine and extremities for improved lubrication of the joints and structural alignment. Ancient Hawaiian teachings of the “wisdom of the bones” will fuel our work, as we explore the spiritual and emotional aspects of illness as they pertain to different areas of the body. Learn how to use various tools and advanced techniques to follow symptoms to their source and heal the body at a deep and holistic level.

All Lomi Lomi courses are taught by Jeana Iwalani Naluai, MPT, LMT and her team of lomi lomi specialists.

Through talk-story, demonstration and hands-on practice, students will experience this foundational learning in a rich way. Our instructor’s knowledge is passed down through a long lineage of master practitioners. The various Hawaiian healing courses provide a learning environment with extensive and effective lomi lomi techniques, the Hawaiian philosophy of Ho’oponopono, meditation and chant.

Ho’omana Spa Maui is dedicated to the development of each student’s mind, body and spirit while ensuring a supportive and quality learning experience that inspires transformation.


What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Parking at ALOHA HOUSE is readily available.


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

It is our pleasure to schedule a call to answer any and all of your questions. Send an email to classes@lomimassage.com and we will get right back to you!

For accommodation, location or transit information please contact Louise Kleu louise@louisekleu.com

What is the refund policy?

If for any reason you need to cancel, a 15% of workshop fees will be charged and the remaining portion fully refunded. Cancellation 30 days before instruction begins, 50% will be refunded or charged. There is limited space in each class to nurture individualized instruction.

Is food included in my retreat?

Students are responsible for providing their own meals and snacks during class.

What about accommodations?

I’ve taken Lomi Lomi workshops before, do I still need to take the required pre-requisite - Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Fundamental Training?

Ho'omana's Lomi Lomi sources from the lineage of the Big Island. This Lomi Lomi comes from lineage holder Auntie Margaret Machado who has now passed on. The idea behind this Lomi style then is to bring the persons spirit, mindset and bones back into alignment, the practice is known as Ho'onohoiwi (bone movers) and is advanced in comparison to most level one trainings available. Our intention is to connect with the individual down to the level of the bones and is very specific and therapeutic work.

Because of the process of this style of Lomi, the courses are incremental; therefore students need to take our entry level course, otherwise student may be lost or injure themselves or patient.

When Lomi is a path that you are passionate about, no training will be wasted but will serve the greater understanding of the practice as a whole. Because you have learned in another lineage, it will assist you with a more rapid integration beginning with our Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Fundamental Training.

We would be honored for you to join our courses, and the pre-requisite of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Fundamental Training is required.

Can I take courses individually?

Yes. Courses can be taken individually, but keep in mind that Fundamentals is a pre-requisite course for every Ho'omana Lomi Lomi training. To request registration for single courses, please email classes@lomimassage.com.

Will I receive a certificate for my course?

After each course is completed, students receive a formal and certified certificate with the Nationally Approved Provider verification information for continuing education units. Currently, we are certified with:

Ho’omana is committed to expanding our network of accreditation. If there is an organization you would like us to contact, please ask.

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Jeana Naluai FUNDAMENTALS Lomi Lomi
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"..Louise is a natural teacher. She encourages learning through her relaxed, yet professional manner. Students come away with much more than a certificate, they become more rounded and caring therapists with a new level of understanding of the power of touch." Karen Kelly, Senior Lecturer, SCD

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