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Louise Kleu teaches Lomi Lomi Massage in private groups as well as colleges throughout Ireland

Dublin Massage Training

**NEW qualification offered: LOMI LOMI DIPLOMA**

The Lomi Lomi Association UK-Ireland offers a Lomi Lomi DIPLOMA qualification. Besides being seen as a higher qualification than the certificate, it also qualifies for professional insurance without having to complete a separate "bodyworks" diploma. Students are required to complete A & P certification but not necessarily another massage technique!

2014 New Course Dates & Levels

  • May 3rd-4th ( Dublin Holistic Centre - Level 1 )
  • June 21st-22nd ( Dublin Holistic Centre - Level 2 )
  • August 20th-24th ( The Old Rectory, Wicklow - Level 3 Retreat )
  • Sept 27th-28th ( Dublin Holistic Centre - Level 1 )
  • Oct 25th-26th ( Dublin Holistic Centre - Level 2 )

What is it?

Lomi Lomi Massage uses intuitive movement, breath, rhythm, flow and focused intention to bring about profound healing and alignment of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

The wisdom of the ancient Polynesian kahuna kupua (master shamans) is held in Lomi Lomi Massage bodywork & is today helping many people to move more gracefully through major personal and spiritual transitions, getting them more in touch with the ALOHA in their soul. Following international trends, this massage is becoming increasingly popular & sought after as people acknowledge the need to reconnect with & honour their bodies & all aspects of self.

Who Can Do It?

Anyone who is interested in massage, healing, learning more about themselves & others, can do this course. You do not have to have previous massage experience, only a willingness and openness to learn. You can share Lomi Lomi Massage massage with your family & friends, or if you intend to work professionally with Lomi Lomi Massage, you will need a formal massage qualification to qualify for professional insurance

Massage Training

About the Levels of Training

Spas & Colleges

This intensive 3 day certified training teaches the basics of full body Lomi Lomi for qualified therapists. Therapists will be able to give 90 minute, full body, Lomi Lomi on completion. For details of this specialised training, please email:

There are 3 levels of training to practice professional Lomi Lomi Massage:

Level 1 ( weekend - €180, Students €150, Jobseekers €120)

This level covers back of body Lomi Lomi, background of Hawaiian Healing Arts, introduction to Huna principles in bodywork, how to set up sacred space, work with oils, music, body posture, breath

Level 2 ( weekend - €180, Students €150, Jobseekers €120)

This level covers front of body, effective client consultation, working with intuition and how to increase your effectiveness as a practitioner

Level 3 ( 4 day retreat )

Level 3 is the practitioner level, the advanced training into Hawaiian healing arts, Hula (the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people), Hawaiian chants, Under body strokes, Pohaku Lomi (Hawaiian hot stones), and 4-hands Lomi Lomi. This is an intensive, rewarding training that will be personally & professionally enriching. You can continue advanced/teachers training with Aloha International from here on if you wish.

When and Where?

Level 1 & 2 courses take place at the Holistic Centre, 28 South William Street, Dublin 2. We can assist you with information on transport & accommodation. Level 3 Retreat venues depend on the number of participants and are always held in beautiful retreat venues around Ireland.

I am looking forward to sharing this wonderful work with you!

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Louise Kleu Massage Dublin Training Courses
  • May 3rd-4th (Dublin Holistic Centre - Level 1)
  • June 21st-22nd (Dublin Holistic Centre - Level 2)
  • August 20th-24th (The Old Rectory, Wicklow - Level 3 Retreat)
  • Sept 27th-28th (Dublin Holistic Centre - Level 1)
  • Oct 25th-26th (Dublin Holistic Centre - Level 2)
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