“Aloha Louise, let me say thank you for an amazing learning experience! You truly are a beautiful soul. The way you teach is defined by the space you leave for your students to grow, to develop, to feel the wisdom of lomi lomi, and to be aloha. You build this safe learning environment, and teach with a joyful yet strong spirit that allows to be next to you. That is an unique experience!
At first I was a little worried about going all the way from Germany to Ireland to take a training with you. Now I am more than thankful I did. These days and the training were one of the best experiences I ever had. Some of the little things you said, and did were so profound that I came back with much more insight than I ever expected.” Jeanette Heimerdinger, Germany


“Louise is a natural teacher, she encourages learning through her relaxed yet professional manner. Students come away with much more than a certificate, they become more rounded and caring therapists with a new level of understanding of the power of touch. SCD looks forward to continuing our working relationship with Louise Kleu with our future students.” Karen Kelly (Senior College, Dun Laoghaire)

Just wanted to say a very special thanks for a fantastic weekend course. For me to go from not being sure about attending the course to actually end up loving the whole ethos of it all is just amazing, it went beyond all my wishes, hopes & expectations, a truly fantastic, enlightening a & wonderful experience. All I can say is WOW. You bring things to a different level, accepting, allowing & safe environment, which is truly amazing.” Rita Irwin (Lomi Lomi student)

” Words will not begin to do justice to the unique and extraordinary gift of loving, healing touch and Aloha Spirit embodied by Louise. My first Pohaku Nui session with her was one of the most profoundly healing, nurturing, mind-altering, sense-reconnecting experiences of my life. Hovering in the space of open awareness and total physical surrender, I was keenly conscious of a graceful ballet of exquisite feminine energy working with my body and my whole being.

At times, it was like the ocean itself was flowing under me, over me, and through me as wave after wave of movement, breath, touch, music, dance, sound and release flowed in an utterly humbling ‘dance of Aloha’ where all was One. I was simultaneously shattered and remade by the experience in the most stunning and awe-inspiring way imaginable.

Following that encounter, I took a Lomi Nui training with Louise. As a teacher, she has a fantastic, fun, pixie-like way of getting her message across. The adventures in Lomi she took us through were liberating, moving, touching, sometimes intense, other times hysterical funny. Training with her changed my own practice of Lomi in many lasting ways….I move more with the flow of feminine energy than I used to, and allow the dance of Lomi to guide me rather than trying to guide it. Louise’s joyful spirit is infectious, and her love of Lomi is contagious. You could put yourself in no better hands than hers!” Juliet O’Keefe (Lomi Lomi Practitioner & Teacher)



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"..Louise is a natural teacher. She encourages learning through her relaxed, yet professional manner. Students come away with much more than a certificate, they become more rounded and caring therapists with a new level of understanding of the power of touch." Karen Kelly, Senior Lecturer, SCD

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